The following artworks have been selected to represent Kororoit Creek Primary School in the Melbourne Show Arts Craft and Cookery Competition for 2016.

Congratulations to the following students/ homerooms/ year levels:

Sarah H45; Adhithi H45; Rahul H41; Nicolla H40; Emily H32; Mia H40; Grade 2 (collaboration); Grade 6- H45; Grade 6- H39; Grade 6- H44.

Thank you to all students who entered!



IMG_6933 IMG_6932

IMG_6931IMG_6927IMG_6928IMG_6930 IMG_6929

Guess the artist?

Every fortnight a new artwork is displayed outside the staff room in the main building. Students are encouraged to inquire into who the artist may be and place their guess in the box underneath the artwork. Clues can be heard via the Kororoit Creek Primary School pod cast, which can be listened to on the music blog Winners will be announced each fortnight at assembly.


Remember ….. take a risk, have a guess!

Good luck!!


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