Landscapes using watercolour paint

We inquired into landscapes and the elements needed to create a landscape including a foreground, middle ground and background. We have been developing our drawing abilities through observation. We have been learning the correct process when using watercolour paints and how to use these within our artwork to create colour variations.


Next we will be learning about portraits.

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Holiday Homework

In your Visual Arts Diary, draw three experiences you had on the holidays. Use one page per experience.
You can use: Pencil, paint, crayon, or any other materials you have at home!

Bring your Visual Arts Diary to the first week back at school to share your experiences in art!

Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.
Dianne and Jess 🙂

Getting mixed up with colour

This term in art we have been learning to apply the correct technique when using acrylic paint. We inquired into how colours change when they are mixed together. We explored the primary colours and how they can be used to create secondary colour whilst creating our own hot air balloon. Next we will be learning to utilise our knowledge of colour in artworks that represent seasons, times or places.